Monday, May 9, 2011

Vintage Awesomeness!

Just a few things I thought I would share with you all.  A hodgepodge of vintage goodness.

Really old shoe clips and some buttons.  I love the shoe clips, but haven't worn them yet.  I realized I don't have the right shoes to put them on!  Also bought these buttons to go for a coat if I ever make one.  I have some nice winter white fabric that I think they will go nicely with.

Got these patterns about 3 weeks ago in the Boyfriend's size.  It is so hard finding vintage shirt patterns in his size.  Both are intact and in decent condition.

My parents brought this home for me one day when I was on vacation.  It is an old fashion illustration I think from the 1950's I'm guessing from a department store called Hartfield.  It is really cute.  I think the cherub in the center is a little strange, but I think it was common back then.  My fashion illustration teacher would have a fit over the big heads and tiny feet!

Finally a Nylon shirt in great condition.  Check out the lace!  It's really cute on, but I can't figure out what to wear with it.  Any suggestions?

That's all for now.  Still waiting on the pattern giveaway, but I think I'm going to give in and just host the giveaway even without the 75 followers.  I'm super happy I have 73 people reading my posts! 

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