Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Follower Appreciation Vintage Pattern Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!  I've reached 75 Followers so I'm giving away some vintage patterns!

Here's the loot:

1960's ? Butterick Blouse.  Bust 34 Size 14.  I love the bow!

A-Line Skirt!  I have 2, one is Waist Size 30 (above) and one Size 26.  Strangely both are missing the waistband, but it is just a rectangle.  Very easy to draft.

Funky Dress.  Bust Size 34, Size 12.  I almost kept this one for me.

1980's Multi-size Burda Dress.  With the right fabric and  accessories this could be very cute!

Laura Ashley Dress.  Bust 34, Size 12.  Easy to grade I think.

Who doesn't need a leotard.  I threw this one in for fun.  Bust 36, Size 14.

Pretty Asian-inspired dress.  Again, Bust 34, Size 12.  I have a lot this size.  
Two more patterns!

Original 1990 Hammer Pants. Size 6, 8.

1971 Bell Bottoms, Skirt, and Bolero. Size 9/10. Bust 30 1/2

The Rules are:

1) You have to be a Follower (you can be a brand new follower, too!)  This is a Follower Appreciation Giveaway, but if you click that little "Follow" button and then leave a comment, you're entered!

2)  I can only ship to to N. America.  I'm a poor college student and international postage rates can be crazy.  If you know otherwise, let me know and I'll ship internationally in the future.

3)  Leave a comment.  I need name ideas for my new dress form, so share a couple names with me.  Oh, and more importantly, which 3 patterns do you like?  I'm giving away 2 per person for a total of 4 winners!  That is, if I get enough comments... I'll try to get you the ones you want :)

That's it!  Comment by Tuesday May 24th at 6:00 PM Pacific Time.

If you have any questions just comment or email me.

Thanks Followers!


  1. I actually have the last one! I've used it to make a blouse. Well, I should say I've cut the fabric out and am attempting to make a blouse out of it for over a year now.

    I like the first one (butterick blouse) and the third one (simplicity dress/pants).

    I really, really want to go to fashion design school, but alas, there isn't one within commuting distance from me, so I read a lot, practice a lot and grade a lot of patterns up and down to hone my skills.

  2. I think you should name your dressform Veronica. Mine is named Josephine. And the Asian-inspired pattern is my favorite. I have been wanting to make a dress that style for a while now.

  3. i like the simplicity 5010, the burda 6900, and simplicity 8381. as for your dress form i like, Bertha, Geraldine and Gertrude. there not modern names but to me they exude strength

  4. My favorite, favorite, favorite is the last one - Simplicity 5010. Serious gorgeous work dress potential there. But I also like the Butterick blouse pattern and the leotards (you're so right about everybody needing some of those!).

    My dressform and sewing machines all have 'old lady names'. My form is Beatrice, and my machines are Helen, Francine, and Marge. Of course, I named my actual children Lillian and Evelyn, so I guess I have a thing for older English names. What about Vivian? or Moira? Or Hattie? Ooh, wait. I might need Hattie for my next machine. ;)

  5. The Laura Ashley Dress reminds me of my mom. Those hot summer days spent in the garden with that dress. :)

    I think your dress form should be named Penelope. It means weaver.

  6. Please enter me in your contest. I'm in love with the blouse pattern, the Burda dress pattern, and Simplicity 338l dress pattern.

    What about naming her Brenda?

  7. I love the third one (Funky Dress) and the Asian style one! They're both awesome patterns.

    My dress form is named Celia, after a book called Celia Garth. The main character is a seamstress during the Revolutionary War. She became the personal dressmaker to a woman named Vivan Lacy (great name in general). One of the commenters above mentioned the name Vivian as well!

    I do think it should be something sewing related. You could pick you favorite designer, perhaps!

  8. New follower! I like the funky, Laura Ashley and the Asian inspired.

    I think you should name it Ms. Ethel.

  9. Old loyal follower. I could put the Burda dress pattern to good use.

  10. I am a new follower and I LOVE your vintage look. Everything looked so finished and polished at that time. The clothes made ladies look like ladies!!

  11. I love the asian-inspired one!

    My name for my dress form isn't super creative- I call it "Silent-" whoever it is set to match. So, if it was set to my mother, it would be "Silent Mom." It helps me remember that I am supposed to change the settings when I make clothes for different people!

  12. New follower, here! Names? Well, I love alliterations. So my first thought was Sewing Susie. Or, would it be weird to make it kind of your alter-ego? Becky, perhaps?

    Thanks for the give-away. I'd love Simplicity 3381--I definitely have a thing for 1960s/Mod/A-line dresses. They just fit me so nicely!

  13. My dressform is named "Hildegarde the Huge". ;-)

  14. Hey! New follower here! Found you through sew retro. =)

    As for dress form names, you could call it Fred or George to be contrary. =P

    My faves are the Butterick 2545, Simplicity 8381, and Burda 6900.

  15. I think she looks like a Shirley :)

  16. I'm a new follower, I also found you through Sew Retro!

    I think the dress form looks like a Shirley or a Vivian (a couple people mentioned this one).

    I love Simplicity 5010 and 5023 (I actually would make the leotard and wear it - though probably only around the house).

  17. You have to patterns on my wishlist! I've been looking for a bodysuit pattern for ages and keep seeing that one but not in my size! I love the Laura Ashley one, keep missing it on ebay.

    Alack I am in the UK, but if you're willing to consider it, I'd be happy to pay shipping if you have a paypal account. I buy most of my patterns from the US, shipping is rarely that costly, usually its cheaper than the customs tax and handling charge!

    As for dressforms, mine have woefully unoriginal names, its embarrassing! My adjustoform is called Diana, which is the name of the model and my vintage one is called Manny (yes, as in mannequin!). I don't have names fro my machines, I might name a vintage one but my modern machines and I have a professional relationship, with a hint of affection.

    As for your form, my ideas are Peggy (from the PG of PGM), Ruby (to go with Pearl) and, inspired by the purpleage cleavage, Violet! (My daughter has the name Phoenix which is sometimes translated as purple, though usually crimson). There's some great suggestions above.

  18. I like the names Miranda or Celeste for your dressform.

    I love Butterick 2545 and Simplicity 5010, but Burda 6900 and McCalls 4549 are also nice.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. I see all kinds of wonderful possibilities with those patterns!

  20. New follower -- I found you from SewRetro. I love the funky Simplicity 8381 (though really, it's too small for me) and the Burda dress pattern.

    For your dress form... Georgia or Dolores?

    @Lorenna: My "dress form" (aka a homemade duct-tape body double) is named Veronica! So I'd say that's a good choice, too ;)

  21. Hi, new follower here, linked from SewRetro. I am partial to boy names made feminine. Theodora (or Teddy, Teds), Thomasina (Tomi), Frederica (Fredi), Georgina (Georgie), Philomena, Henrietta (Hettie), Frances (Fannie), Winnifred (Winnie), Edwina--or go Victorian with Ermentrude (trudy), Penelope (Polly or Penny), Hortense, --and then there are the virtue names like Patience, Temperence, Prudence, Resiliance, Mercy, Liberty.
    As for vintagey patterny giveaway.... Well, I like the leotards and the Burda dress.

  22. She looks like a 'Sweet Pea' to me

  23. New follower here! Love the first pattern and the Asian inspired. I have wanted a shirt/dress like that for years, but I am a busty girl and they aren't normally made to accommodate that. Making one would solve that problem! Gertrude was already mentioned, but that was my idea too.

  24. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!
    Naming your dress form is fun, and just the right name will pop into your head one day, you'll see!
    Mine is Bessie.

  25. My favorite patterns are Simplicity 3381 and 5023..You should name her China doll :)

  26. Hmm well first, I am a new follower :-) I found you through PR! I think a dress form always deserves an old fashioned name, and I'm not sure why. I'm thinking Ethel or perhaps Millie.

    As for the patterns, I LOVE the Burda dress and the Asian inspired Simplicity. The Burda would make the perfect summer dress!

    Great giveaway, and thanks for all of your reviews. They are so helpful :-)

  27. Congrats on the great dress form :) my dress form was named by my little girls, I have made a dress form for their clothes of course they have a name, fiona and penelope, my dress form is name Lucy my little girls love lucy ball and the first dress I used the dress form was a 1950's. But If i had a choice I would have name mine Josephine or Rose.

    As for the sewing patterns any pattern that i can get as a gift is a GREAT pattern and I will be forever thankful.

    Happy life!! Happy sewing!!

  28. I love the hammer pants!

    I never named my dress form, but I'd probably go with Jane Doe. I feel like the headlessness is very anonymizing.

  29. I was so sure I was a follower already but turns out I wasn't. I had you in my Google Reader, though.

    Congratulations on the milestone. Makes you feel good, doesn't it? I know it does me. As for my picks, I love M4549 and S5010 the best of all of the patterns.

    Oh, and I have a courrier forwarding address in the US, if I'm not disqualified for the giveaway.

    And my first attempt at a duct-tape dressform was named Adélaïde I because of this riddle we have here about hot peppers and women named Adélaïde (it's a cultural thing...). Anyway, didn't turn out to well in the bust, though the sizing was pretty good elsewhere. Disturbingly well were my behind is concerned, even, LOL!

    Lost her last year so I'm planning on Adélaïde II but maybe paper tape this time.

  30. You could name her Earlene. I've got a friend who calls her house that. I like the A-line skirt, funky dress, and butterick blouse.

  31. I love your site but am not interested in the patterns; have way too many vintage of my own. But "Esmerelda" might be a good name for your dress form. :)
    Tina in San Diego
    Artelicious, my blog:

  32. I'm a new follower! I love Simplicity 5010, McCalls 4549, and Simplicity 3381. I like Gertie and Marge for names.

  33. the Asian inspired one is my favorite! I've always wanted to learn how to make a Mandarin collar. The second and third favorites are the Funky dress and the '71 bell bottom pants, skirt/bolero combo.

    Name your dress form, M. Curie, after the famed Marie Curie, or Madame Curie or Madame C., to pay hommage to your scientific background. I personally would call it M. Curie or Madame C.

    Have fun picking a name!

  34. New follower here! I have two dress forms one at school (bella) and one at home (vanity). I think you should name your dress form violet because of her purple stain. If i win the give away I would like Simplicity 5023 and Burda 6900. Have fun naming your new girl lol.

  35. silly me i just realized i browsed so far im in 2011 lol