Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An Apparent Green Thumb

I have a little container garden outside of my apartment.  I am growing lots of herbs and some tomatoes, miscellaneous peppers, and strawberries!  The beginnings of my garden are picture in this post and in this picture. Look how tiny my plants are.  These pictures was taken at the end of April/beginning of May I think.

I bought the gnome at Target.  I am a little obsessed with garden gnomes.  The cute ones, not the creepy ones.  Some of you may ask, is there a difference??? Yes, yes there is....

Check out my garden now!
The sage, oregano, and thyme (behind the sage) grew!!! I bought some parsley too.  Parsely doesn't seem to think my thumb is green.  

My tomato plants are giant (for such small containers).  They did need cones though, so I went out and bought some on Friday.   There are 2 kinds of basil behind the tomato plant on the left side of the picture.  It's all hard to see.  Can you make out a small strawberry?

Here it is (taken a few days ago)!

My strawberry plant today!

I picked it!

And ate it!

  I was multitasking talking to the Boyfriend on the phone, eating a very tart little strawberry, and taking pictures of myself eating said strawberry.  Bet you can't do all that at once?

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