Thursday, June 10, 2010

The finished QUILT!

I finished my quilt this weekend and the Boyfriend took pictures yesterday.  The blocks were cut during my first awful class, and assembled during my current class.  I designed it myself.  Here it is:

 And here is the back:

The quilting was awful to do.  My machine did not like it one bit, even with my walking foot.  I wish it wasn't so wrinkly.

It is stiffer than I expected it to be...(That's what she said!)  I chose cheap-o fabric because I didn't want to invest a lot of money in my first quilt.  And the batting is a low-loft 80%/20% cotton/poly blend.  Do you think the quilt is stiff because of the fabric?  The batting?

More pictures:

Noooo! Don't take my picture!

And Pearl with the finished pot-holders.  The pot-holders are in the mail now to my mom:

Despite my complaining, I do like the finished product.  Not bad for my first quilt.  I think if I ever make another one I'll hire out the quilting.  I do plan on making more pot-holders though!

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