Sunday, June 20, 2010

Muslin Updates

On Thursday the Boyfriend kindly pinned me into my muslins I made for the fitting class and took pictures even though he really wanted to watch Crazy Heart. (He didn't do that great of a job, but it was greatly appreciated). He was so nice about it and didn't even prick me with a pin. That's love....

Here's the muslin for the dress.

Close ups:

Like I said before, I made it too big in the waist thinking I would need some ease there. The back looks like crapola too. I no longer have to do FBAs. I didn't realize that the weight I lost about a year ago came off my chest. And I guess when I was exercising more in May, I had lost some boobage too. :( Oh well, at least it will make fitting clothes easier.

The Palmer/Pletch McCall pattern top looks janky too.  Not too bad in the front.  Even though its pulling a bit in the high bust area. The back, looks too big, but a better pinning of the back seam and a less wrinkly muslin will help.   I hand washed a gorgeous black and white batik silk that my former sewing teacher gave me because she was destashing.  I would like to make it into the P/P top.  It will be my first time working with silk.  Wish me luck!

Edit:  I went to class yesterday, and the changes the instructor made to the dress really helped.  It felt like I had to make 100 fit changes.  She spent a lot of time with me, and I felt bad for the other students.  The instructor basically says what she thinking and told me my hips were hollow. I know I have boy hips, but using the word hollow?!?  It made me giggle, but sad at the same time.  I will hopefully let you all know the changes that were made when I make my second muslin.

For the blouse, the back did look better when she pinned me in it.  Found out that working on a computer, the 50lb backpacks of my youth, and sewing has already given me a bit of a rounded back :(  She added a shoulder dart to back piece, and the top looked so much better in the back.  I think good enough to cut into real fabric!  Hooray!

And thanks to Stephanie for "following" me! Also, thanks to all the anonymous readers (I do know some of you!) for subscribing to the blog via Google Reader.  :)

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  1. You seem to be coming along great on your sheath dress. Right? Keep at it. There are many beautiful dresses in your future :)