Monday, June 14, 2010

Printed Pants, WTF?

I love prints.  I need a little pattern/texture/color in my life.  I own plenty of tops, skirts and dresses in florals and other patterns. Like this skirt and the dress I will be posting soon (which may be a flop and too "printy"). I think printed pants and shorts can be hideous though! 

These pants are $850 at Saks.

This pair is being sold at for almost $58.

The last pair is by far the worst.  The hammer pants are really bad too.  

Why do I think everyone should stray away from these monstrosities?  Is it too much pattern? Do they make butts look fat? (I think this is probably the reason).  Even on the skinniest people I think printed pants look ridiculous.  If you ever catch me designing floral pants, shoot me!

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  1. Oh, I hear you. Printed pants are a very bad idea!