Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two more followers!

Thanks to Angela of RiAnge Creations and Rachel of Shoes and Sewing for becoming my newest Followers! I hope you will find my blog entertaining.  Angela has a really awesome, funky style.  By looking through her blog photos, she loves prints!  A woman after my own heart!  Rachel has great style.  I LOVE her creations and her ability to "knock-off" just about anything Anthropologie sells.  Anthro. is probably my favorite store in the entire world. I would love to get a job designing or buying for them one day.

And because I think posts without pictures are rather blah, here is another picture of Pearl!

Baby Pearl wearing leg-warmers.  She hated them.  I made them from a pair of gloves.  Yes, those are the glove fingers.  I cut off the fingers of the gloves and then cut off the tips.  

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