Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flowy Voile Shirred Skirt

(I would never style the skirt like this.  I just needed a quick picture of me in it.  I look freakishly disproportionate).
I finally finished a UFO!  This winter, I wanted to make an elastic waist short summer skirt. I had a gift certificate to SewMamaSew and bought some of  the Anna Maria Horner voile.  I love the feel of this cotton, btw!  I decided it couldn't be too hard to draft a skirt (as in cut rectangles..).  I wanted to line it so I used a bright purple Bemberg rayon I had on hand.  (I wish I would have saved it for a jacket lining).  The elastic I originally used was 4in wide and very stiff.  My machine hated sewing on it and the project turned to be a big flop.  I was so proud of my first narrow hems too! It was devastating....really, I'm not joking.  I ripped the skirt apart twice!

I decided that shirring was the way to go.  It is easy and I achieved the results I wanted.  I salvaged the skirt! I think I'll wear it occasionally, but I think it makes my butt look big. (too bad it is too short for work).

This wasn't inspiration for my skirt, but the colorway and the style is similar.  At least I'm sort of on trend.  Haha...(And mine only cost about $16, probably the most expensive garment I have made to date.)

Free People skirt originally selling for $68, on sale at for $48. 

Aaaannddd....Cenetta of The Mahogany Stylist is my newest Follower! Thanks! She makes lovely garments for herself and even has her own business making clothes for people!  Check out her latest creations!

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