Friday, June 18, 2010

To Do List

My sewing queue is very long right now and I do not have the time to make everything I want. I am very very slow.  Everything seems to take hours upon hours to complete.  I get very distracted by the T.V. or the internet or cleaning or Pearl.

I am taking another fitting class  with some friends (Hi Julie and Barbara!) Julie and I are making the same sheath dress. It's McCall's 5753.  I am making the v-neck sleeveless version to get a good fit.  I started with a size 10 and graded to a 12 at the hips (really my low butt and thigh area.  I have no hips!)  I also took a wedge from the neckline which worked great at preventing gaposis.  My instructor told me not to do a sloping shoulder adj. yet, but looking at the muslin, I definitely need one.  I knew it!  I also cut between the 10 and 12 at the waist line to get some ease, but that was a bad idea.  It is too big.  I have no idea how the back fits because I cant pin it up myself.  I need to get the Boyfriend to  help.  I also need to take about 1in. from the bodice length.  So many adjustments!

Before the Saturday I will hopefully get to measure and make a muslin of McCall's 5661:
I made the muslin and I think it fits!

I'm going to be making the red.  It is very fitted and I think it will be a great jumping off point for redrafting to make other styles.  It buttons up the back which is very retro.  I love that detail.

I also have this Simplicity 2446 cut out in a wearable muslin fabric:

 And have 1/2 of this dress made.  I F'ed up the zipper.  I'm going to take it out and see if it fits without.  I love the dress and hopefully it will all work. It will go really well with my denim jacket.
And finally I want to make these shorts in a light khaki.  The ones with the pleats and the cuffs (View E).

And a vintage blouse and more dresses and.....

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  1. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Everything you're making looks fabulous. I can't wait to see the final result :)