Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sacramento Antique Faire

Last Sunday the Boyfriend, Pearl, and I went to the Sacramento Antique Faire.  Pearl and I had a great time...the Boyfriend...not so much.  He gets bored and really wanted to be watching the World Cup instead.

I got some great stuff though!  All sewing related!

Here is the vintage pattern I bought.

It was complete, but used. I love the neckline and the gored skirt.  I didn't realize the skirt had so many pieces. I just love all the little details.  Miss Zella (the owner of the pattern) must have been a tall woman because she lengthened some of the pieces. :(  Since its already chopped into, I don't feel bad using the pattern).  

WTF are "12 inch Dress Placket slide fasteners" or "Neckline Type slide fasteners?"  They are listed as notions on the bottom of the pattern.  

With the pattern I got a grocery list:

A super cute birthday card (from "Secret Love," who I think is Zella's mom):

And a very important letter from Zella's mother.  This is what it says:

I also bought some basic grey bias tape, some green polka dot and red polka dot bias tape and cute red and white vintage lace. The red polka dot bias tape is M.I.A. I think it could be in my car or in the Boyfriend's room somewhere.  It was my favorite notion find so hopefully it will turn up soon. 

The Boyfriend left the Faire with an Irish song book for $1.  Every song in it is very depressing.

It was a great morning!

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  1. I love the pattern as well. How wonderful to find such a small intimate piece of history. Groceries for less than $5! The bank has been around for a long time. "Slide fasteners" are zips. To be really authentic, use metal zips. Can't wait to see your creation.