Friday, September 24, 2010

Interfacing Tutorial...and some new Followers!

While cutting the interfacing for my Vogue knit dress, I had an epiphany.  To reduce bulk, I was taught to cut away the interfacing from the seam allowances (SAs).  Well, for fusible interfacing, once you fuse, it's pretty much impossible (or a real pain!) to remove it from the SAs.  In the past, I was cutting out interfacing using the pattern pieces, unpinning the tissue, and then clipping away the SAs from the interfacing.  It always ended up kind of wonky.  This is what I came up with:

1.  Pin facing to interfacing. I had the facing on the fold pinned to the interfacing on the fold.  

2.  Cut out interfacing using the facing as a template.

3.  Once the piece is cut out, do not unpin.  Flip the whole piece over and start removing the SAs from the interfacing only.  Be careful not to clip the underlying fabric.  Duckbill applique scissors would be great here, but I do not own any.  You can see I already trimmed the SA from the bottom and I'm working on the top.  

4.  And here is the interfacing unpinned, all cut out.  This way I more accurate and did not have to deal with the flimsy tissue paper again.

If you find this helpful let me know or even link to it.  

And next up, I have two more followers. 

Thanks to Marian of * k1, 1 dc, yo.  We were volunteers together at the UCD Craft Center many years ago.  Check out the outfits she puts together on her blog. I envy her Anthropology wardrobe.

Thanks to Pammie of Pammie and the P's for becoming the newest follower!  She just bought an old serger (as old as mine!) and made a funky Macaroon dress. 

Also readers, do you think I can make anything else from this stripped knit?  I have a lot of waste because I wanted the black band around my waist.  What do you think? Any use for it?


  1. You can also fuse sewn in interfacing. It isn't permanent like fusible but if you set your iron right it will hold for a bit and is forgiving of mistakes.

    I've done this trick numerous times, I do have a excellent iron though.

  2. The fabric that you are using is seriously nice. I'd use the left over either as a scarf or to cut a bodice to team with plain black.

  3. I love this fabric. Extra fabric in knits makes good underwear. If you like to travel, shoe bags are great from knits because they fit around any shoes and keep the rest of your clothes clean in your suitcase. I would definitely do the scarf as Gail suggests if you have enough fabric.