Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Simplicity 3849 Pleated Shorts!

It's surprising how few tools and notions you actually need to make a garment.  I cut out the shorts in July or August and constructed them after I moved out of my apartment and was living out of a suitcase with The Boyfriend in his house before the official move to Southern California.  I had left my sewing machine at his house when I moved my stuff down south, but forgot to bring any tools and notions back up with me.  I bought cheap-o scissors at the dollar store, a small box of pins at Joann's, a zipper, and my friend gave me some matching thread from her stash.  I used The Boyfriend's steamless iron on a sleeve board in the kitchen, a ballpoint pen to make my corners nice, and the wooden "dowel" off of his roommate's paper towel holder to invert and press the tube I made for the tie that I never used.  

I really wanted cuffs and tabs at the hem, but I was a moron and cut the fabric out too short, on the fold line, not the actual cut line.  The hem is blind stitched on the machine.  I'm not sure the fit is all that great, but it's not bad.  

Trust me, the hem is "blind." That is the pressing mark when I pressed up the hem to do the stitching on the machine.
Not loving the waistband, but it will do.

I love this button. "R" for Rebecca!  I found it in my Mom's stash.

The finished measurements on the back of the envelope did not match the finished measurements on the tissue! I had to grade the tissue a whole size down.  I would have bought the smaller size, but the pattern info was incorrect! Such a pain in the butt.  I think I did pretty good though.  Pardon the wrinkles.  I wore the shorts all day before I took pictures.  

And now for some scary close-ups!

They aren't that wrinkly in real life. I promise.  

I'll edit this post later with a Pattern Review.  

Anyone know how to fix the baggy crotch for future pairs of shorts and pants? I found it difficult to do anything alterations-wise because of the fly. 

Next up:  Followers, Pearl's new outfit, the bow cardigan, and a cool interface cutting tip that I came up with!


  1. They look pretty darn good. I actually just started cutting muslin today for some shorts for my daughter.

  2. You've done a great job on these. The fit looks good to me - especially the all important rear view. Alf says hi to Pearlie his girlie.

  3. These came out great! And the fit is perfect.

  4. I love your shorts, they look wonderful! i really struggled with the waistband on mine xx