Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thanks Erica B....

...for becoming my newest Follower!  I think Erica's blog, Erica B.'s DIY Style!,was the first sewing blog I ever read!  I remember thinking, "That woman is stylish! I wish I could sew like her."  She inspired me to make my Cynthia Steffe dress.  I have bought numerous patterns based on her reviews.  Erica, I think the pattern companies should be paying you to make your garments because I wouldn't have spent as much money as I have had it not been for your blog :)

And because I think blogs without pictures are rather boring and I miss my Pearl so much (she is in SoCal with my parents awaiting my official move), here is another doggie picture:

Pearl getting ready for a round of Beer Pong (circa 2008).  I thought I would juxtapose Erica's B.'s style and classy creations with Pearl's love of trashy college debauchery.


  1. I love your photo of Pearl she looks so sweet :)

  2. Thanks for the highlight! I think your blog is delightful as well!