Thursday, September 23, 2010

McCall's 5978 Bow Tie Cardigan Done!

I finished my M5978 cardigan a couple days ago and I looove it! It is so much better than the first one I made. This one was made in XS, and it fits so much better. I also topstitched the lace after the facing was attached so the lace anchored the facing in and prevented it from flipping out all the time like the first. Can you believe this thing only cost me $1.20! The fabric was $1 and the lace was 10 cents a yard. I did not have enough fabric for long sleeves, but I like them short.

Detail of the lace front and the facing:

And now me in the sweater.  This is the outfit I wore last night to my mom's friend's clothing trunk show.  It was boring, but I had nothing else to do. Hehe.

I'm working on Vogue 8593 using this knit:

Hopefully soon I'll show how I lined the stripes up (not new) and how I cut out the interfacing (something I came up with!)


  1. Love your cardigan! its a fantastic Pearls dress too...i'm making Fee a coat today she keeps shivering! x

  2. Cute cardi! I love the lace the bows!

  3. Great cardi. Enjoy wearing that this winter.

  4. Your cardigan looks fabulous. It is very well made.