Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pearl's Floral Sun dress!

I made Pearl a new dress a couple of days ago from a vintage 50/50 cotton/poly vintage sheet I found in the scraps bin at the Craft Center this summer.  I used the same self-drafted pattern I made for this dress.  This time though, I fully lined the "bodice instead of binding all the edges with bias tape.  The pink and lace skirt was actually from the top of the sheet, the part you fold over.  The buttons are vintage metal buttons I covered using the kit.  I love vintage notions! 

Esmeralda, my Mom's dressform, is modeling Pearl's outfit because Pearl was being a little difficult today.  She wanted to sunbathe in her sun dress instead of model.  Here are the pictures of her in it anyways:

In the last picture, the other dog is named Fritz.  He's the macho male of the household.  Pearl and Fritz are just friends.  (Gail, don't show Alfie this picture or he might get jealous!)


  1. Alf has gone off to bark with Lucky (to be alive) from next door. woof, what a bitch! and she looked great in that dress!

  2. Hi Rebecca! I'm so glad I found your blog, weirdly enough, through another blog I'm following. I hope you're loving school. ~Marian (craft center, if you don't remember us little ppl ;D)

  3. No!! cute your dog!!

  4. I want a dog to dress up. My lab hated her sweater lol