Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vogue 8593 Stripe Knit Dress! (plus some pretty darn cute doggie onesies)

And no, we will never dress as triplets again.  
I finished Vogue 8593 and two doggie onesies and I am beat!  (I figured out what to do with the fabric scraps...silly dog PJs!)  I had a harder time with the dog clothes than the dress...that's how easy the dress was.  I did have some difficulty getting the facing to lay down properly.  

I had to cut everything out in single layer to match up the stripes properly.  I also used tailor tacks to mark all of those small and large circles. 
I use washers from the hardware store as pattern weights!

All of my tailor tacks.  I used a single thread to save me from constantly reloading the needle.

To make sure the sleeves and the 2 back pieces were identical, I cut out one piece and laid it out on top of the fabric in the exact same position to ensure the stripes lined up.  

Can you see the sleeve outline on top of the uncut fabric?
Here are more pictures of me in the dress:

I feel like Joan Holloway in this dress!

And now the puppies:

This one is my favorite!
Thanks for the suggestions of what to do with the scraps. I cut up a the fabric for the dog onesies before any suggestions were made.  Oh well.   I still might have enough for a scarf.  


  1. Great dress. God I laughed at the matching doggie suits!

  2. Love the dress, thank you for detailling the cut-out and tailor tacks! You (and your puppies) look fabulous!

  3. Love your dress and the dogs pj's they are excellent....i need to make some for my dog, just a lot bigger :)

  4. Hi! I found you on PR and love the dress you made. Great job. You have 2 Yorkies also! They are so darned cute, especially in their outfits. My Yorkies are Andy, age 11.5 years, and Jillie, 1.5 years. Jillie is a wee one at 3.5 lbs. I look forward to seeing more of your sewing and babies.


  5. The dress looks great. Cute little doggie outfits too. Did they like them?

  6. Love the dress - the stripes are so cute on you. Of course the dogs are absolutely adorable!

  7. Very pretty dress! I love how your doggies match you!

  8. The stripes are an inspired touch! You totally changed the look of the dress and it is amazing!!!

  9. OMG. How gorgeous is this dress on you. And the puppies are too cute! Just found your blog.